Sterling Consulting is a general computer consulting firm based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our specialties are the Microsoft Windows environment (3.x, 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP), networking, security, disaster recovery and web page authoring and hosting. We also offer hardware and software services such as "help desk" support and on-site configuration and trouble shooting. We take our business seriously, but we cannot resist using humor in describing what we do. Enjoy your visit!

Services describes the basic services we offer.

Useful Stuff is dedicated to various items of interest to the computing community. Of special interest is our Windows 95/98/Me Tip of the Week.

Security addresses issues related to privacy and security on the Internet. While we do security consulting in great depth, this section is a handy collection of useful hints offered as a public service.

About Us is an eclectic collection of "stuff". Some humorous... some maybe only interesting to employees' mothers. It is strictly silly and has pictures of children, grandchildren and dogs as an example of its merit.

Ancient Windows is dedicated to all those still running Windows 3.x. It is simply a collection of technical tips and explanations relating to non NT versions prior to Windows 95.

Taglines are a fun thing that are fast going out of style, unfortunately. But herein lies our contribution. We like to think of this as a modern equivalent of WWII aircraft nose art. Please contribute your own taglines to the collection. There is a form available on the Taglines page.

Special Offers Sales pitches, discounts, whatever we have on sale. Maybe what you are looking for, maybe not. But it is honest, I assure you. Take a look and see.

Browser Circus offers lighthearted basic information about the ongoing browser wars and why goofy things sometimes happen when viewing web sites.

Opinions are our version of editorials. You may or may not agree. But they are honest thoughts.

Privacy our privacy policy


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